Our personal training services meet you where you’re at. We strive to create personal training plans that our clients WANT to do; so we do our best to help you see that fitness can be for everyone, and everyone includes you! 

We are firm believers in “better than yesterday,” so if you show up to train and give all you have that day, that’s all we ask for! We provide weekly check-ins to fine-tune your progress and work on anything that may need attention, like: form, tempo, and breathing. We aim to provide our clients with the most comprehensive personal training plan they’ve ever had to help realize their goals safely and on a realistic timeline.

We don’t do starvation diets or excessive amounts of cardio. If that’s what you’re after… keep looking. Meathead Athletics is about creating sustainable fitness plans for people to enjoy movement throughout any stage of their life, and you can’t get there by starving yourself or doing treadmill work as a punishment.

If you like the idea of getting stronk AF while eating to support the effort, and you’re willing to trust the process, get at us.